Improving energy performance in a systematic way

Axis M&E Consulting Engineers are actively engaged in the implementation of sustainable engineering solutions.

Buildings and their services are responsible for over half the carbon emissions produced by our society. We aim to minimise their impact on the environment with a design process that provides a commitment to sustainability, utilising low energy solutions and if appropriate renewable energy technologies within buildings.

The practice is conscious of the key strategic position that Building Services Consultants have in ensuring that low carbon and sustainability issues are thoroughly evaluated during the design phase of both new and refurbishment projects. We seek to provide holistic input throughout the design and delivery process covering building form, construction, orientation and low energy mechanical and electrical engineering services solutions.

From project inception we look to work with the design team to develop the form, fabric and orientation of buildings, to make the best use of solar gain or day-lighting, minimise overheating, provide natural ventilation and control energy usage.

‘Make sustainable development so desirable it becomes normal’